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Monday, 27 July 2009


Well, hooray for people who do things better than me! I do so love to delegate / pass the buck / opt out / put my feet up. And I've just discovered that my Submission Spotlights are redundant because there's a much better place for you to send them to.

Miss Pitch runs her very own pitch parlour. A whole blog devoted to writers sending in their query letters, synopses and samples. So, what are you waiting for? Go send!

But please don't forget to come back.

I'm sure I'd heard of it before as it's ringing all sorts of bells, though mine is a memory where many bells ring but not very tunefully. I suspect it was over on that demon blogger, Jane Smith's blog. Anyway, this morning I've come across it properly, through Twitter, because I was checking out my followers to make sure there were no spammers, suspicious person that I am, and there was Miss Pitch. So, I investigated her and found her not only to be not a spammer but also to be a Very Useful Blogger. Useful for you, and useful for me, because I now get more time to eat chocolate.

While you're still here, and talking of Twitter, any Twitterers amongst you need to know about something that goes on on Mon, Weds and Fri evenings 9-10pm GMT. It's called #litchat (don't forget the hash). Now, frankly, I'm not the best person to tell you about it because the only two times I've tried to join in I have been totally bewildered and wrecked the whole of Twitterworld with my cack-handed ignorance. But this evening, Jane Smith and Maggie Dana have promised to hold my hand across the ether. Apparently the best way to do it is at Bewildered? Join the club.

Anyway, if you want either to join in interesting discussions (not that I ever saw any - all I saw was Jane and Maggie talking about my boots) or eat kettle chips and drink pinot grigio or even watch me make a total idiot of myself, do pop by.

I think the problem could have been that I'd had no wine, unlike certain people. This I can rectify.

Mind you, all was not lost: twelve extra people started "following" me after witnessing my hopelessness. I think they thought I was being radical and coolly subversive in wrecking the #litchat tweetchat with backchat: nope, just thick.