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Saturday, 23 May 2009

GIFTS FOR YOU - and boots for me

I love to be able to bear gifts, especially at no cost to myself. So, I am delighted to be able to:

a) tell you about an interesting and useful event
b) offer you a substantial discount on the ticket price
c) offer FIVE lucky UK readers a copy of The Writers' Handbook 2010

d) offer you a glimpse of some new boots

The downside is that for a -c you have to live in the UK. On the other hand, it's a very nice place to live and we're so generous that we pay for the moats and duck-houses of our MPs' second homes.

I am very grateful to the people at The Writers' Handbook
(henceforward in this post, TWH) who made this offer and flattering comments about my blog. Flattery goes a long way, I find, and free things for my readers go even further.

I'm going to tell you about their event below but first, here's what you have to do:
  1. if you want to book a place on the event, with £10 off the £30 price, quote 'blog10' when you book, by email or phone. (Booking details on the link that follows).
  2. if you live in the UK, and would like to enter a random draw to win a copy (5 winners) of the new edition of this excellent book, add a comment to this post; whatever else you say, make sure you a) indicate that you'd love a copy and that you will be grateful to me for at least ever if you win, and b) include your email address. If you are a lucky winner, I will email you and ask for your postal address.
  3. the deadline for the free book draw is next Thurs, May 28th, midday UK time, at which point I will create the best semblance of randomness that I can, and pick 5 winners
So, the Writers' Handbook event. It's on June 6th (so get your skates on) in London (shame) and for all the details of it, including how to book, click here.

TWH is an excellent book for authors at any stage of their career. I am wondering what I have to do to get my own free copy as my current one is a bit out of date (though still very lovely). Maybe they'll send me one. You never know. Meanwhile, if you are unlucky in the draw and would like to buy the 2010 edition, do click the link in my recommended books list on the right. That way, I earn a few pence from Amazon and will be able to start saving for more boots.


Point of incidental information: there's a link on the TWH website to YouWriteOn. I mention this because part of what YWO offers is a self-publishing/vanity service,
with the other part being a well-known showcase for unpublished writing. I rarely bother to talk about self-publishing, simply because I'm far more interested in "mainstream" publishing as the more reliable way to encourage the best writing standards, at least in fiction. This is not an anti-self-publishing post but I simply suggest that you investigate all self-publishing offers before leaping in. (And a perfect starting point to check out YWO is Jane Smith's work at How Publishing Really Works).

My point is only this: I would always want you to make an informed decision - and that applies equally when you are offered a contract by a "mainstream" publisher.

Go everywhere with eyes wide open. Otherwise, you're likely to stub your toe.

Or, far worse, damage the pointy bit of your glorious RED boots. Yes, I know they look pink, but trust me: these are absolutely scarlet.