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Saturday, 6 June 2009


Actually I've been here all along. I have emerged from a morning of fuming tension as I tried to discover why none of my blog posts for the last week have appeared on your blogs. I felt bereft of your company. It was like standing on a mountain-top and whispering into the ears of a blizzard. Not that I have ever done that but I have an imagination.

I knew the posts were there because I could damn well see them but YOU didn't know they were there unless you happened to go to my blog, and why would you if you thought I hadn't said anything??

And I had SHOES to show you, too!! I could weep at the lack of attention my shoes got.
Many of you thought (I now realise from some emails) that I was busy with the Deathwatch launch. Well, I was, but not that busy. It was very kind of you to leave me alone but I actually thought you'd buggered off. My stats went way down and I thought, "Blimey, that's me dumped, then!"

Anyway, I sorted it, but not before I'd added a few grey hairs and put myself in a really bad mood. Sometimes only my husband discovers the depths of crabbitness of which I am capable. Though the dog has an inkling too.

Now, could you possibly all do me a big favour? Just to make me feel less pissed off with the world of technology? And to smooth my wrinkled brow? Or release the tension from my shoulders? All you need to do is go back and read the last few posts, if you haven't already. The last one that was automatically posted to you was the Stroppy Author one.

I hope Jane Smith is still planning her blog party tomorrow, as I'm going to make a huge effort to find time to join. Need to remind people I'm still there.
Fingers crossed this one lands in your in-boxes or wherever such things land.

Next week, I will endeavour to post coherently and importantly. The following week, I suspect all efforts to do so will be in vain as I'm off on the maddest book tour ever devised by woman.

Till then, here's a pic of part of what I was doing this week. These are some of my lovely Deathwatch Girls, looking very proud at our launch party.