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Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Thought you might like some advance warning of some events aimed specifically at writers, published or unpublished, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. The actual and complete programme is announced on June 11th. (Blog reader and book festival person, Tim Duncan, has just helpfully pointed out that booking doesn't start till June 22nd. How can we wait that long??)

These are the events I know about, either because I'm involved in them or because I helped arrange them. They fall within a strand called the Writing Business and are designed to be very practical. A workshop is 1.5 hours; the others are talks which till focus on the practicalities of the topic, and last one hour:

How to make a living as a writer (workshop) - Keith Charters

Writing non-fiction (workshop) - Angus Konstam
Self-publishing (workshop) - Keith Charters

Writing in a Recession - Mark Le Fanu (Gen Sec of SoA), chaired by me
Writing crime fiction (workshop) - Lin Anderson
Contracts workshop (workshop) - SoA staff

How to structure a story - Lin Anderson

How to make a publisher say Yes - me
Blogging - Caroline Dunford and Helen Fowler

Fight for your rights as a writer - me

Writing fantasy - Alan Campbell

Writing the perfect submission (workshop) - me

Publishing Scotland panel on trends in publishing - me on panel, don't know who with
Ghost writing - ?

Can you learn to write and if so how? - Sam Kelly, Lin Anderson, Caroline Dunford, chaired by me
Creativity (workshop) - Caroline Dunford

Self-publishing - Keith Charters
Dealing with rejection (workshop) - Caroline Dunford
Writing for teenagers (workshop) - Keith Gray

Writing for children and teenagers - Viv French and me

Writing short stories (workshop) - Susie Maguire
Writing for young children (workshop) - Linda Strachan

Creating a series - Aline Templeton

Writing for theatre - Zinnie Harris

Writing biography (workshop) - Angus Konstam
Writing romance (workshop) - Eileen Ramsay

Even if you can't come to an event, do come to the book festival. I am there most days and would love to meet you. Know me by my shoes, as usual (except when it's raining). The book festival have got rain down to a fine art - last time there were plastic ducks on the accidental ponds and the sculptures depicted sheds and things semi-submerged in mud. And ice-cream still rocks in the rain.

Maybe we should have a blog picnic .... Hmm, I could be tempted. I have organised a picnic in the book festival for ther last three years and every year it has rained; on the other hand, every year I have blagged a marquee. Yay for bribery.

Here is a fab pic that Tim Duncan has just sent me of the above-mentioned ducks. Is that a hippo lurking?